Here are some examples of sites designed by our experts in collaboration with our customers who qualify for the package starting at $ 29.99 per month.

Buy or Rent

Choose the right option according to your needs.



Most of our web sites are built for less than $3500 when purchased.

This is significantly less than a similar site built with WordPress technology.

Very often, our prices are 30% to 40% less.

Here are some elements that will influence the cost of your future site:

  • The number of pages of the site
  • The number of images used
  • The number of modules to include on each page
  • Graphic elements
  • Text design (done by yourself or by an editor)
  • The number of languages available
  • The number of changes requested when designing the site


Our platform allows us to modify all our models, modules and plug-ins, and the overall image of the site according to your needs, allowing you to focus on and showcase your corporate image.

Adding a few graphic elements, your website can go from this model:

Basic, yet professional look

To this model using many graphic elements:

Refined professional look

Our services

It's comforting to know you can count on us from your web site conception until the day you decide to retire!

That's right! We'll team up with you from day one all the way until you decide it's time to move on to perfecting your golf game or improving your bridge card game skills!

Here is a short list of services we can provide over the course of your website life span:

  • Website conception
  • Website hosting (only available to clients having their website built by our team)
  • Domain name management (only available to clients having their website built by our team)
  • SSL certificate addition
  • Google AdWords advertising campaign management
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimisation
  • Automatic website updates while hosted on our servers at no additionnal cost
  • Google My Business - Google Analytics management
  • Professionnal email account management with GSUITE or Microsoft Exchange (offered by our Millenium Micro Group highly specialized expert members all across Canada)
  • And more!



A website can cost thousands of dollars to purchase.

A start-up company or a growing SMB with limited cash flow may not be able to invest so much money in designing a new website.

Our website leasing option presents a affordable alternative. Here is some additional info to help you decide if this new offering is right for you.


  • Low financial risk. Your contract with Websolution allows for you to cancel the lease after just twelve months.*
  • Our professional templates will help you showcase your products and services.
  • You are engaged throughout the development of your new site. Working closely with our team you can provide your own text or have us develop the content for you.
  • Easily update and enhance your site as long as your with Websolution.*
  • Build and create exposure for your site by advertising through Google Adwords.*

*Certain restrictions may apply.


With three different packages available, you’re sure to find a solution that meets your needs. Our team can execute quickly and have your new web solution ready in no time!

Our Rental Packages

Pro SME Corpo
Monthly price $ 29.99 $ 49.99 $ 69.99
Number of languages 1 2 2
Number of pages per language 5 5 8
Number of items per page 5 5 5
Stock images included*s 3 5 20
Contact form
Automatic response to clients
Company contact information
Company Google Map
Favicon creation
Domain registry or transfer option
Connexion to an existing domain
Selection of various proposed visuals
Customisation of the visuals with the logo colors
Optimised for mobiles
Conception by qualified experts
Image optimisation
Automatic website updates
Social media share buttons 3 5
Social media follow buttons 3 5
SEO Friendly

Customer Testimonials

Websolution cares for the complete satisfaction of its customers.
Dominique Bouvrette, Hector Business Solutions
« I recommend Websolution to anyone looking for a solution to improve their web presence and corporate image at a very competitive price. »
Dominique Bouvrette, Hector Business Solutions
Claude Delorme, BVIZION
« Very beautiful products, effective and well designed website. Quick and personalized support. Very nice experience. »
Claude Delorme, BVIZION

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